A light in the Black

As you all probably know, I am not one to hide behind bushes or hold back criticism when I feel it has been earned – something which many thank me for and others curse me at great length.

I have also been very critical of Newspapers in general, and some in particular, over the past fifteen years, but I have just had a good experience which I felt it important to share.

I was commissioned by the Telegraph to cover the last airshow being done by the AVRO Vulcan on 4th October. I hadn’t had a commission from the Telegraph in some time, although in the past I was very much a Telegraph (Daily and Sunday) regular for well over twenty years – indeed my first Fleet Street break was via Ted Barratt of the Daily T, decades ago, but I digress.

The entire procedure was very easy, polite, and I was contacted the next day to ask about my mileage, for which I was paid 45p per mile – commensurate with the HM Revenue and Customs rate. The commission fee was £175.00, ten pound higher than my last half day commission rate nearly twenty years ago. (Not high enough granted, but better than any other newspaper I have worked for in the past ten years).

And the cream upon my bun, the money popped into my account ten working days after the job.

It is almost enough to make me want to go back to doing newspaper work full-time again.

Pete Jenkins

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