30% discount on pixelrights image portfolio management for NUJ members

Pixelrights, a unique organisation created by photographers for photographers provides the most secure photographic portfolio management services on the market. The technology for image display is the best available. In addition to less obvious protection methods, it uses its own proprietary software to split the images into several pieces. Any thief would have to get through those protective methods, then recover each individual piece of the image displayed and then put them all back together again.


You have a choice in how you want your site to look and ways to customise it, it is easy to manage and set up, if you have a problem the team is always there to help, and through their partnership with ImageRights they offer Prime members a fingerprint of your image which is automatically registered. This is a permanent and irrevocable record that your image belongs to you, proof positive that your image is yours in any copyright, ownership or legal dispute. Even without the 30% NUJ discount the service is competitively priced and they are improving it all the time.


Gerry McCann of the NUJ Photographers’ Council says; “I’ve been using Pixelrights for a couple of months now and in that time I’ve dealt briefly with Shaun and Patrick, but mainly with Jillian Sanchez. I’ve found them all to be extremely helpful, and where there are bugs they get the techie side sorted out pretty quickly. Any of my queries, and there have been a few mainly in my getting my head round their system, have been resolved very quickly. I have also used the image file, and I find the pixelrights website building interface a lot more straightforward. So far I haven’t used the Image Rights system whichPixelrights seems to have a partnership with. Currently I have two sites with pixelrights and the most developed, though not quite finished is at http://www.weddingpictures.scot. I plan to develop another two sites also and today we discussed the possibility of having a site with unlimited video storage and that seems feasible. I would definitely recommend taking a trial.”


Andrew Wiard is also currently developing a pixelrights site at www.reportphotos.com.


Sign on for the trial 3 months at https://www.pixelrights.com?dcode=NUJ30 at the end of which you will be asked to prove NUJ membership to qualify for the NUJ discount.

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