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Pete Jenkins

Pete Jenkins

Pete Jenkins is a photojournalist with more than thirty years experience.  Newspapers, magazines, books, Public Relations and New Media, his work is used in the UK and abroad.  His photographic experience may have begun with black and white dunk tanks, but he is now fully immersed in digital technology.

Formerly a sports specialist working for Fleet Street; Pete is now based in Nottingham in the East Midlands.  His clients include the UK Photographic press (amateur and professional), East Midlands Business, Unions, magazines, newspapers and anyone else who requires his unique specialist skills.

When not photographing, Pete is usually editing or restoring old photographs, but he does find time to give seminars on a wide range of photo related subjects including stock photography and copyright.

Pete Jenkins is a campaigner for photographer/creator rights and would like to see Moral Rights underwriting Copyright in the UK, Europe and the world.  Photographic Imaging has taken a beating since 1985, and we need to stem the tide of rates attrition, and the low respect, which so many now have for creators.  Re-establishing full copyright as a basic human right will help us achieve this.

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John Jones

John Jones

A desire for a career change, and a growing obsession with photography, ultimately led John Jones to Sheffield College, and the legendary Paul Delmar. After leaving Sheffield, John immediately started freelancing for regional and national newspapers and agencies, and eventually expanded his client list to include PR agencies, magazines and local companies, near his East Yorkshire home. As well as his lens-based work, John spent many years contributing to the UK yachting press, submitting features and product reviews, as well as a regular news column covering the yachting scene on the Yorkshire and North-east coasts of the UK. A trades unionist throughout his working life, John has been secretary of the NUJ’s East Yorkshire branch since its establishment in 2005.

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Carole Edrich

Carole Edrich

Carole Edrich is a prize winning photographer and journalist specialising in dance, business (particularly risk and risk management) extreme and adventure sports and travel. She thrives on challenge and her expertise involves photography, exploration of the risks involved in business development, cutting edge creativity, maintaining ancient traditions and becoming the best. She has written and ghost written fact and fiction, can interview in Dutch, Spanish and English, teaches documentary and dance photography at City Academy, has been published in languages as diverse as Hungarian and Cocani and is an expert in photographing fast movement in extremes of light and dark.

Concerned by the parlous position of photographers’ rights and the long term impact of business forces on journalists and creative alike, she decided to join the Photographers Council to try and do something about it.

Carole Edrich Dance Photography

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